Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Updates for Day 3, July 24

We want to thank everyone again for the flexibility in moving Pat Reddin's What's New in Accountability to a new location this afternoon. It was an excellent session and if you missed it today it will be repeated twice on July 24th and yes, it will be in the cafeteria.

But, there are a couple room changes/announcements. The iStation classes will be in B133. That is downstairs and around a corner - don't worry someone will be there to direct you. And we have moved Teacher Access Center (TAC) Overview training to B265. That is all the way down the B hallway on the left.

Our ace Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) +Brian Wolfe +Anne Mattingly +Nicole Ortega +Doriane Marvel are joining us to lead training focused on productivity and in their honor we will be giving away all the Google prizes.

Think about joining us for lunch at 11:30 in the cafeteria. There will be an extended 90-min lunch break on July 24th if you would like to venture to any of the nearby lunch spots as well.

Then make sure you are in the cafeteria at 4:00 for the closing with Dr. Flores.


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