Friday, July 18, 2014

World Class Summit Only Days Away

First things first, where to park and where to eat. We are feeding everyone on July 22nd. There will be coffee and pastries in the morning, provided lunch, and sodas available throughout the day. On July 23rd and 24th we will have complimentary coffee each morning and boxed sandwich lunches for purchase each day.

Be sure to park on the east or west side of the campus. We are reserving the front for parents registering students. Here is a video shared with everyone for the Summer PD Conference and while the dates and some descriptions are a bit off, this will help any new World Class Summit attendees find their way around the parking lots and the Stony Point campus.

With the essentials out of the way, a few additional logistical updates. Each Vertical Leadership Team will have a session on either July 22nd or 23rd to continue working the work started during the initial VLT meeting at RRHS on June 12th and will be facilitated by the high school principals. If you were not part of that initial VLT meeting, please choose the team that makes most sense to your position. If you have any questions, please ask you supervisor. Join this Google+ Community for access to the documents needed for this session. Those documents are also linked in the blog from the top tool bar under Vertical Leadership Teams. Seek help if you need it.

Dr. Peter Noonan has asked that we share this article for some optional pre-reading before Tuesday. It's linked here: and embedded on the sidebar.

Leaders are readers We will be giving away numerous books and items throughout the Summit through multiple pathways. Here is a hint: if you want better odds follow @rrisdpd on Twitter and/or use #rrisdpd during the World Class Summit to stay current. Posting in the Google+ Community might help out too. Here are just a few of the titles we will be giving away:

The World Class Summit is a three-day conference. Sure, make sure you hit the sessions. But also make sure you make the connections with other RRISD leaders that will help you make 2014-2015 the best year it can be. We have rooms C224-C216 dedicated to meeting/work/interview space. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to check in at the information table in the mall area and we will make it happen.


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